How to Recover Deleted Photo from Recycle Bin

Digital Photography is an efficient way to capture as well as store the valuable moments of your day to day life. Captured photographs acts like an index in recalling your favorite moments like farewell party, child’s first birthday, engagement ceremony, wedding ceremony, social gathering and so on. As with any other files you may end up with deletion or loss of photos. In case you lose some word or PDF files you can create them with the same details but photographs are such files which cannot be re-created. Recycle bin is a folder on the Windows desktop that represents the directory where the deleted files are temporarily stored. It is generally considered as a holding area. Files that are deleted are not permanently erased from the physical media. Recycle Bin provides you with a second chance to restore the files that are deleted. There are instances when the files may be accidently emptied out of the Recycle bin too and you can’t find them anymore on your hard disk. In this situation to recover deleted photos from Recycle bin you can use good digital media restoration software.

The most common cases in which files get deleted or lost are discussed below:

  • Accidental Deletion: You might accidently delete images by emptying the Recycle bin in Windows. While deleting unwanted pictures from your system hard drive you might accidentally delete some important photos. 
  • Files that bypass Recycle Bin: There are chances when a file bypasses the Recycle Bin and gets deleted. This can happen when the file is much larger than the size which the Recycle Bin can hold. Using “Shift + Delete” key combination, also leads to files bypassing the Recycle Bin. 
  • Files deleted by third party tool: Malfunctioning of third party applications or programs could also lead to loss or deletion of files.
  • Improper shutdown of computer: Make sure that you have closed all your programs before shutting down your computer. Improper shutdown of your system can result in loss of files.

To avoid above mentioned scenarios, you need to create backup of essential files. If you come across these kind of problems, then you can easily recover lost files from backup copy. If you have not maintained any backup of your important files then you can recover it quickly and effectively using Photo Recovery software.

Digital images undeleting tool is one such robust tool which is available for both Windows as well as for Mac operating system so visit so that by using this utility you can unerase deleted photo on Mac OS X . It supports all different versions of Windows and Mac operating system. This software can also be used for retrieving pictures from external hard disk and USB drives. Click here to view details.By using this application you can recover the deleted or lost photos of various formats like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD etc, also various formats of songs and videos from hard drive and memory cards.

Steps to recover image files from system hard drive on Windows OS:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of “Digital Photo Recovery” software. Once you double click the application icon, the main window will be displayed. Select ”Recover Deleted Photos” option as shown in Figure 1.

Select SD card

Figure 1: Select Recover Deleted Photos Option

Step 2: Now, select the hard drive to recover deleted photos from Recycle Bin as shown in Figure 2.

Select SD card

Figure 2: Select drive

Step 3: On clicking “Next” a list of file types that can be recovered are displayed as shown in Figure 3. Select the file type and click on “Next” button.

Select video file types

Figure 3: Select Image File types

Step 4: When the scanning process completed, recovered files can be previewed using “File Type View / Data View” option. You can preview the recovered images using the “Preview” option as shown in Figure 4.

Save video files

Figure 4: Preview Images

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion, (10.8)
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users