Recover Deleted Photos from PC

Photos and videos are regarded as the memories of the favorite and wonderful moments of your life which you want to keep with you for the rest of your lives. Digital photos are the latest and the best way to keep your memories alive. Digital photos are instant, portable and easy to store. You can also edit your digital images using various software tools with an ease. Nowadays digital cameras are used every now and then & hard disk or external storage devices are used to store those images, taking up tens or even hundreds of gigabytes of storage space. Memories of your dear and loved ones stored in the form of digital photos in your computer are surely valuable and losing those precious photos is the last thing that you might ever want to happen.

Photos are often the most irreplaceable content on your computers, that once gone can’t be recreated. The very common cause of digital image loss is accidental deletion. Accidental deletion or formatting of hard disk is the most frequent reasons to lose photos from computer. The images may be deleted accidentally from hard drive of the computer while formatting or you might have deleted the image permanently by mistake. Intentional formatting of the hard drive such as in case of file system corruption, virus infection or operating system malfunction etc also results in deletion of photos from PC. Sometimes user deletes important pictures from their pen drive while it was connected to the PC. The deletion is considered as permanent as the deleted pictures does not go to the Recycle Bin. To resote those pictures, go through

Images may get deleted from PC due to any of the below mentioned conditions:

  • Accidentally deleting photos by using Shift+Delete keys to erase some unwanted files on hard drive
  • Improper usage of Cut and Move commands will result in deletion of photos
  • You may also delete photo from Windows Command prompt by mistake
  • Deleted folder containing photos may bypass Windows Recycle Bin when its size exceeds the free space available on Recycle Bin
  • When you delete photo by hitting “Delete” button it will get stored in Recycle Bin. But emptying Recycle Bin without checking for important files will lead to deletion of your favorite pictures.

If you lose images from your computer due to any of these reason, there is still a possibility that you can get them back. Although, it is not possible to create same pictures again but surely you can recover deleted photos from PC because when you delete pictures from hard drive they are not actually deleted forever. Those lost or deleted photos are still on your computer, just the space occupied by deleted photos on hard drive is labeled as free and reusable for saving new files. You can restore these pictures back until their file space is overwritten by new files. It is necessary to stop using your hard drive immediately after losing or deleting photos to avoid permanent loss of these pictures.

Photo recovery software is one of the best recovery software that rescues your valuable images that are deleted from hard drive in any of the data loss situation. This competent tool is built by industry experts to recover deleted photos from PC. It works with special algorithms that will scan your entire hard drive for searching deleted photos using their unique file extensions. It can even recover photos lost due to formatting, corruption, reformatting and other problems on your PC. Generic photo formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TIF, BMP and PSD are supported by this software. It recovers digital RAW photos like CR2, CRW, NEF, ARW, SR2, ORF, KDC, RAF, DNG, PEF from modern DSLR cameras. Using this software you can also restore deleted videos such as AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP and RM and audio files like MP3, WAV, MIDI, M4b, AIFF, AIF, RA, and AMR. It has ability to recover around 300 file types like videos, audio files, Microsoft office documents, emails, Zip archives, PDF files and lot more types from hard drive in few minutes. This software can also retrieve deleted photos from digital camera, USB drives, flash memory cards, iPods and FireWire Drives.

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Steps to recover deleted photos from hard drive:

Step 1: Download the free demo version of the photo recovery software and install it on your PC. Launch the software by double clicking on the shortcut icon on the desktop. The main window appears with three options, select "Recover Photos" to start the photo recovery process. From the next display screen choose "Recover Deleted Photos" option to get back deleted pictures from hard drive as shown below in Figure 1.

Recover deleted photos from PC - Recover Deleted Photos

Figure 1 : Select Recover Deleted Photos Option

Step 2: Now the screen displays the identified logical drives. Select the drive from which you want to recover deleted photos and then click the "Next" button to proceed with image recovery process as shown in Figure 2.

Recover deleted photos from PC - Select drive

Figure 2: Select Hard Drive

Step 3: Select the photo types which you want to recover and click on "Next" arrow as shown in Figure 3. As soon as you click on "Next" hard drive scanning process starts.

.Recover deleted photos from PC - Select image file types

Figure 3: Select Photo Formats

Step 4: Once the scanning process is completed, the software displays the list of recovered files as shown in Figure 4. They can be viewed in two different types as "Data View" or "File Type View". You can even save the recovered pictures session using "Save Recovery Session" option for further use.

Recover deleted photos from PC - View recovered pictures

Figure 4: Recovered Photos from Hard Drive

Step 5: The "Preview" option allows you to view the recovered images as shown in Figure 5 and this will help you to evaluate the capability of the picture recovery tool. You can save the photos to any preferred location accessible to host Windows OS.

Recover deleted photos from PC - Preview recovered files

Figure 5: Preview Recovered Pictures

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion, (10.8)
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users